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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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03 SEPT 2013
Customer payment option
changes beginning Oct. 1, 2013

18 DEC 2012
ML&P Mobile Apps are now

02 APRIL 2012
Account number has changed
all accounts will contain an extra
(zero) before the last two digits
prior to April 1    1234-01
after April 1        1234-001

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Customer Alert: An ML&P customer recently reported an apparent utility scam attempt at their residence. At no time will an ML&P employee threaten a customer with disconnection if immediate payment isn’t made. ML&P meter readers are clearly identified in uniform with a Municipal ID badge, drive ML&P-marked trucks and do not make personal visits threatening disconnect. ML&P disconnects are done in accordance with the utility’s tariff regulations. For more tips on how to recognize a utility scam and protect yourself from fraud click here

Our site offers Customers the following Account Management Options:
 (unavailable during system backup: Monday-Friday 11pm to 11:15pm) 
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Clarification regarding important customer payment option changes: Effective October 1, 2013, ML&P’s no-fee, credit-card-payment options are being discontinued. This includes one-time payments by phone, in-person, by mail or online. For those customers who prefer the convenience of payment by credit card, ML&P is introducing a new, fee-based, credit-card-payment option. Read more for details.


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